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iPod, youPod, we all Pod for iPod

By now iPod is a household name. Who doesn’t have one?

Personally, I love my Stone Age version. But I am pleased to hear that improvements are constantly being made to this brilliant little creation. If I were to complain about one thing it would definitely be the headphones. They fall out when I go for a jog, not to mention when I’m going for a casual stroll. So I am happy to hear that change has arrived: new in-ear headphones that stay put. I have to admit the in-ear part of the name scares me, like these earphones are going to invade a space where no man has gone before and is not meant to go.

But, back to the point. They’re $79. I might as well just get a new, smaller iPod nano for $70 more because, let’s be realistic, nowadays things are not made to last and who knows if my iPod will reach its 4th birthday. However, I’m starting to wonder if, like with all technology, the first models are those that live longest because engineers are still so focused on putting all their technological genius into your gadget that designing things to break hasn’t yet come into the picture (take the refrigerator your family had had since the 70s that lasted 20 years, compared to the one they bought 2 years ago that has had problems ever since). So maybe I got the better end of the deal. Maybe I should stick with my Stone Age brick of an iPod and just get myself the new headphones.

Hey, they are earwax-proof! Could life get any better?

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