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Talk to your Teddy bear

I have to admit that I pick up random objects and pretend that they are my cell phones. Cups, bananas, shoes, toys, headsets, watermelons, umbrellas, cats, hamsters, but never would I have thought of picking up teddy bears.

Well, Japanese cellular provider Wilcom presented Kuma phone at the 2008 Good Design Expo. Its a teddy bear phone with a SIM card inside and by squeezing or grabbing the cub’s paw you can call someone. Of course you need to store speed dial numbers on each paw.

It is 500 US dollars per unit. Or you can find your old teddy bear and pretend you are talking on the phone. Anyway, it’s all same, if you are in the metro with a brown teddy bear in your arms. Or if you talk on the Kuma teddy bear in front of your boss. No one will think anything of it. I do it all the time with my Rabbit.

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