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Paris Fashion Show: Where the Wild Things Are

I don’t know anything about fashion and won’t even begin to let on that I do. I mean, I still wear the same jeans I bought when I was 16. Maybe I need to renew my wardrobe. But, don’t think I am a fashion nightmare. I would hope that my friends would have nudged me by now and whispered: “pull yourself together and change your look.”

In any case, as a non connoisseur of haute couture, I would just like to share my observations regarding Paris’ Fashion Week and, in particular, some creations by designer Bernard Willhelm:

I just can’t help but ask myself if people actually dress like this. It looks like something out of Where the Wild Things Are. Now I assume the sausages around the neck are just for fun, but I still don’t think I could pull off an outfit like that. As for the design below, all I could think was The Little Mermaid as soon as she reaches the shore and wraps herself in a sail with a pretzel bow on top. Am I far off?

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