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Yo Palin, pass me a cool one

Lately all we hear about is Palin. Palin this, Palin that. Hockey mom Palin. Joe Six-Pack American Palin. No foreign policy experience Palin. It’s enough to make anyone feel fed up and like crying. And what better way to drink away your worries by turning to a bit of booze?

Lucky for us, someone has come up with an idea that will facilitate our drinking and help us at least structure our approach somewhat, otherwise we might overdo it after all this Palinness. As we all know, the Vice Presidential Debate is just around the corner. Now, thanks to slander ’08, you can participate in a countrywide initiative to drown your political sorrows during the upcoming debate.

So if Palin says “Russia” or “Hillary” take 1 drink, “Bill” 2, “Lewinsky” 3 and “hockey mom” drink until she stops the torture. The game also involves Biden and his shuckle. I just hope the two don’t find out about the game and get carried away. They could use the key expressions on purpose and then voters would have such a hangover that making it to the polls on November 4 would become close to impossible!

NB. Drink responsibly. This article does not seek to promote unhealthy habits. Please avoid beer goggles.

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One Response to “Yo Palin, pass me a cool one”

  1. Nathayan says:

    The master McCain and his student Sarah Palin defeated.

    Sarah tried hardly to memorize the notes transcribed for her by her republican coach. But the machine did not work well, as expected. The score of the game for two seasons of debates comes down at two to zero, for Obama / Biden.

    Sarah must understand that talking without saying anything is not a good strategy to win a debate or even an election.

    Playing a comedy, humor and the emotional card can never save McCain. Everyone has his humor and his different background to share. Sarah must, like Biden, know how to give answers, answers, answers and answers, and again, knowing to respond short and with precision and intelligence.

    Against Joe Biden, Sarah did not respond to any question, as in her failed interviews before the debate. Sarah Palin use to make rhetoric but empty of substance, structure and coherence.

    Politics is about knowledge of issues and never about the emotional and empty words. The McCain bracelet and “a mother in the kitchen around the table with her kids! Wow. Obama has also a bracelet. Biden also knows how to raise kids without a mother. You see, that emotional arrow doesn’t work!

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