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Royal C-Myk with POP’SET

Today, the Royal wedding day, English people are in an ideal position in order to live an historic moment. No need to say that the spread of gossips about the marriage has never been so important: How to reach the Westminster Abbey ? Will the commoner say the royal “yes” ?

Everybody talked & is talking about this wedding and we did not escape the by-products….

From the « Kiss me Kate » beer to the tea bag, so many occasions for making us smile and giving a foretaste of what they can expect later…

That is why, with this massive enthusiasm, POP’SET has also played the game. Which was successful for sure! Look at our British & charming lovebirds!

The creative paper brand continues its contest which has been launching March, 1st and will end on May, 15. Making the most of burning news (papertoys can prove it), POP’SET is offering us so many original pieces. Shin Tanaka and Karim Rashid, the first, let explode all their artistic potential!

The « Colours’s Attack Contest» go on during several days before the election of the most rated C-Myk. The best one will fly to London for the International Designers’show “New blood 2011” and will be exhibited among the best C-Myk.

All the profits will be given to the UNESCO for the funding of a special program on “Art & Creative Industries”.

C-Myk princier

More information on POP’SET and the contest here. See you on the Facebook page.

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