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Yearbook yourself

Did you ever wonder how people killed time before they had Facebook to distract them? Well, they had yearbooks for example. They could flick through them during long, dull winter evenings and compare other people’s noses and hairstyles… Looking at these yearbooks decades later you’ll invariably ask yourself: would I have looked as stupid as […]

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Beijing Olympics: the Bird’s Nest Stadium made of bamboo

For most Chinese, the 29th Olympic Games are far more than a sports event – it’s a national festival. While the games are heating up the atmosphere in Beijing, people outside the capital are expressing their passion for the event in their own ways. In Hangzhou (located in the southeast of China), some farmers have […]

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Form a tail, save a whale – or just have fun

“Save the whales” – that was one of the slogans I grew up with. In the 90s, the whale, huge, peaceful and threatened with extinction, was a favourite with Greenpeace, the WWF and all the other environmental organisations, and plenty of my friends made the whale their favourite animal. Maybe you even managed to grab […]

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The “must see” baby of the year

In conventional theory, parents wait for the birth of their child, which is usually seen as a blessing event, and the parents are happy to send birth announcements to their relatives. But for your special baby, you need something that is special. Photos and cards are too common? The site provides birth announcements you […]

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MeGlobe, MeDisappointed

I was so excited to discover that a new site had been created allowing users to chat with people from around the world. MeGlobe is a new platform where users can chat in 15 different languages (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.) and benefit from a real-time electronic translator that facilitates conversations between people who don’t speak […]

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A tale of morality: Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

Amsterdam” by Ian McEwan, the author of “Atonement“: The novel begins in a simple way, as two men attend their former lover’s funeral. She was a gorgeous woman called Molly, who had 3 ex-lovers. Molly’s death makes both Vernon and Clive face moral choices. Ian McEwan writes how easily their “deep” friendship turns into ash, […]

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Up, up and away with WALL-E

It’s here and it’s taking off! Well, there is some flying involved. The official trailer for Up, the Disney/Pixar film expected to hit US theaters in May 2009, has finally arrived. I was curious to find out what it was all about so I took a peek. A little old man on a mission. The […]

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iBeer: drink your iPhone!

You can do a lot of great things with your iPhone. Phone someone, for example. But did you know that you can also drink beer with it? Well, of course it’s not real beer, but iBeer. The iPhone has built-in sensors so you can drink your beer from your screen just by tilting the phone… […]

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How to confuse an idiot…

?????!!? Yes, I thought that, too, when I first saw this nice little trick… I’ll leave you to figure it out for yourselves. Have fun, and once you’ve got it, try if your friends will be as confused as you were at first! Image credits:

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Googled out? Any suggestions?

It’s hard to look up info online because you’re often given a myriad of options that really have nothing to do with what you are looking for. It’s like going shopping, at least for me. I get to the store and if there is too much to look at, I don’t even get thtrough the […]

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